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TV SYD completes new production system with DSG

Occupying circular premises near the town of Kolding, the new Mediahus incorporates two studios with latest-generation cameras and robotics.

Danish regional television broadcaster TV SYD (TV South) has completed a brand new high-definition production and transmission facility with Danmon Systems Group. Occupying circular premises near the town of Kolding, the new Mediahus incorporates two studios with latest-generation cameras and robotics. “TV SYS’s Mediahus and the Nordic Synergy Park on which it is located are brand new developments,” commented Danmon Systems Group technical director Peter Thomsen. “The new production centre is a real showpiece of efficient modern technology. “Studio 1 is equipped with six Ikegami cameras which output to a Ross Carbonite vision switcher. A Ross XPression 3D graphics generator also feeds into the Carbonite. Four of the cameras are HDK-55 on Vinten pedestals with Autoscript prompters integrated into an Avid iNews newsroom computer system. The HDK-55 studio cameras are supplemented by two HDK-45E compact cameras on Shotoku remotely controlled pan/tilt heads. Audio is processed via a 96-channel Studer Vista 1 console. The vision switcher and audio console output to an SDI embedder connected to a central switching matrix. “Studio 2 is equipped in a similar style to Studio 1 but with four cameras instead of six. A third studio has also been installed for single-camera applications. The central element here is a DSG One2One turnkey remote studio system including a 1080i camera on a motorised head allowing full remote control of pan, tilt, zoom and elevation. “Control room facilities include video and audio edit suites, ingest, archive and production, each with access to networked Avid file-based content management. The Avid feeds a playout system, multiscreen monitor array and digital terrestrial television encoders. “A ClearCom Eclipse-Media 64 provides intercom facilities between the studios, control room and other production areas. The hub of this system is a 64-port matrix with connections to and from wired desk terminals, duplex wireless links for camera operators, plus interfaces to handle telephone-based interviews. “Other elements of the production infrastructure installed by Danmon Systems Group include Canon lenses, Harris clocks, Alpermann & Velte time displays, DK Tech test equipment, Miranda glue, Sony (OLED), Ikegami and Dell picture monitors and Genelec nearfield monitor loudspeakers. Satellite uplinks were provided by Hiltron Communications.” On-site implementation of the new system took place from November 2012 to February 2013. Everything was completed on schedule to go live in March.