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TV Mark_za selects P2 HD

Panasonic PBITS has won a milestone contract to supply professional video equipment to Slovak television station TV Mark_za.

Panasonic PBITS has won a milestone contract to supply professional video equipment to Slovak television station TV Mark_za.

The technology deal includes four AG-HPX171E handheld professional P2 HD camcorders and a number of AJ-P2E032XG E-series P2 memory cards. TV Mark_za is a member of the Central European Media Enterprises (CME) group and leader in the Slovak television market. Its selection of P2 represents a strategic technology choice for the broadcaster and will bring together the benefits of high image quality, exceptional reliability, maximum flexibility and efficient workflow across the recording process.

The new equipment is intended primarily for the foreign news reporting team and the internet division at TV Mark_za. During a recent trial period, P2 was used successfully at castings for the popular show ‘Czech & Slovak Superstar’ which will be broadcast in both Slovakia and the Czech Republic from September 2009.

TV Mark_za’s decision to switch to a new generation of cameras was based on the need to ensure quicker and more flexible workflow, to increase video quality and ease of handling, and to work with a universal format that is compatible with both current SD and future HD formats. Vladim_r _paček, director of Technology Department at TV Mark_za commented: “Changing to P2 technology is a long-term strategic move toward a new format and our first practical experience has shown that it was the right choice, reflecting our requirements as they are now and also meeting the conditions necessary for switching over to HD-quality broadcasting. Since we cooperate closely with other TV stations in the CME group it is likely that our reference will send a positive signal also to other members.”

TV Mark_za opted for Panasonic P2 technology over other competing technologies owing to several factors including; the camcorder’s wide-angle lens which is ideal for shooting in confined areas; its ergonomic features and low weight; its integrated HD-SDI output and its high-quality design and warranty conditions.

“TV Mark_za’s strategic decision to adopt the P2 format is an important validation for Panasonic. We believe that the quality and reliability of the P2 format will become a deciding factor in the adoption of P2 by other TV stations in the CME group in the future,” said Branislav _imkanin, country manager Panasonic PBITS for the Czech and Slovak republics.