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Tiny HD camera blends in

LMC (LiveMotionConcept) has introduced what it claims is "the smallest HD CCD camera on the market" – the new Camaeleon.

LMC (LiveMotionConcept) has introduced what it claims is “the smallest HD CCD camera on the market” – the new Camaeleon.

It uses a 2/3-inch CCD interline transfer progressive scan sensor, and measures just 44x44x53mm, which means it “can be installed at locations where no other camera has gone before.”

It is claimed to be extremely light sensitive, offering native HD 1080p pictures (25 or 30p – 8-bit or 10-bit YUV 4:2:2 via HD-SDI). It also boasts 64dB dynamic range, 14-bit signal processing, exposure times of up to 1/100,000 sec, and consumes about 5W of power. It is remote controllable, via RS485 and RS232.

LMC also supplies a box that converts all of the Camaeleon’s signals to fibre-optics, houses an integrated HD monitor plus an intelligent battery system and which can optionally transmit all signals via a wireless connection to the OB truck.

Camaeleon should be available in the next few weeks and will be usable with different housings that can adapt to the environment (using a variety of colours and shapes), including waterproof and underwater housings for applications like diving, rowing or sailing. Camaeleon can also be used for 3D on a mini-rig. It takes C-mount lenses, or can optionally be fitted with PL or B4 mounts.

LMC’s Antelope UltraSlowMotion system was used last week at the Barclays ATP World tour tennis finals, in London. ATP Media chose the system due to its high light sensitivity and its De-Flickering technology.