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ThinkAnalytics to launch ThinkBigData at CES

ThinkAnalytics will launch its Big Data analytics platform at CES

ThinkAnalytics will launch its Big Data analytics platform at CES.

The new platform, ThinkBigData, complements the ThinkAnalytics search engine and gives broadcasters and service providers new insights into subscriber behavior. These can be used to measure business success, as well as for influencing programming, marketing, content buying decisions and pricing.

ThinkBigData analyzes the plethora of data from multiple sources, including the ThinkAnalytics recommendations engine, to measure KPIs and generate actionable data. Business decisions can then be made about content upsell, customer satisfaction, content acquisition and scheduling, and how to market services to different audiences.

Customers can also measure factors including such as recommendation accessibility, the quality of recommendations, search quality, content discovery, and viewer engagement.

Peter Docherty, founder and chief technology officer at ThinkAnalytics said, “Instead of largely ignoring or even drowning in data, service providers and broadcasters now have a tool that makes sense of the data to measure success and feed into decision making across marketing, programing and operations.

“By making decisions based on actual customer behavior, customers can optimise their service and inventory and boost satisfaction, loyalty and revenues.”

ThinkBigData will be available as a SaaS hosted in the cloud (ThinkCloud), or on premise.

ThinkAnalytics deployments produce many billions of data points a month, and ThinkBigData takes actionable data to the next level in ease of understanding and actionable insights through advanced analytics and dashboards.