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Teranex tackles 3D errors – converts 2D

The new Teranex VC1 production toolkit corrects errors inherent in beam-splitter rigs and does real-time 2D to 3D video conversion.

The new Teranex VC1 production toolkit corrects errors inherent in beam-splitter rigs and does real-time 2D to 3D video conversion.

The newly introduced package comprises of two main software applications that build on the dual-channel architecture of the Teranex VC100 hardware platform. They are: The VC1-3DTK 3D toolkit, which enables broadcasters to correct any errors arising from using a dual-camera beam-splitter or mirror rigs; and the VC1-2D-3D Advanced Stereoscopic Processor, which takes care of the 2D to 3D conversion.

The VC1-3DTK 3D can correct and resolve many 3D production issues. It provides 3D synchronisation to ensure right and left eye streams are perfectly time-locked even when sourced from non-genlocked cameras. It does horizontal and vertical flipping, pixel-accurate horizontal and vertical positioning, axial rotation, colour-correction and adjustment of video signal parameters to match right and left eye streams. It will also do 3D logo insertion with X, Y and Z positioning.

The VC1-2D-3D stereoscopic image generator gives the ability to repurpose 2D content for 3D distribution or mix 2D archives with 3D content It can also insert 3D logos with adjustable horizontal, vertical and depth position.

Two encoding/decoding processors are also available. The VC1-3D-ENC encoder converts 3D image content into the main stereoscopic formats, such as side-by-side, top/bottom and checkerboard streams. The VC1-3D-DEC decodes from these formats back into separate right and left image channels.

Existing VC100 users will be able to upgrade their systems with the new software. The VC100 platform is an HD/SD universal frame synchroniser supporting 107 format conversion configurations (expandable to 257). It is available in single or dual-channel versions, with composite and component video in/out, analogue and AES-digital audio in/out plus expanded format and frame-rate conversion support including linear HD standards conversion. Additional features include aspect ratio conversion with active fill information, video indexing with active format description, full SD 608 and HD 708 closed-caption conversion support, colour correction, logo insertion, integral video and audio test signal and timecode generation, all under local or IP-based remote control.

The VC1 production toolkit and real-time 2D to 3D video converter is available in the UK through Teranex distributor, Preco Broadcast Systems.