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Telemetrics Robotics deploys robotic camera system for Belgium’s Télésambre

Broadcaster employed robotics for daily news programme

Robotic camera control company Telemetrics has installed its system in a new production studio for Belgian broadcaster Télésambre.

According to Télésambre technical manager Bertrand Ruelle, the robotics enhance the production values of the station’s output and allows a small staff to run it.

The broadcaster’s live TV news show is managed and operated by a single operator, who can easily command the camera mounted in a PT-LP-S5 pan/tilt head installed on an EP7-600 Televator elevating pedestal riding on a TG4 TeleGlide camera track system – with precise control using a Telemetrics RCCP-1A Robotic Camera Control Panel.

“We are very pleased with the results,” said Ruelle. “We were looking for a way to minimise the number of people in the control room while making more programmes under a tight budget. Telemetrics’ systems allow us to do just that, in more ways than one. By adding robotic cameras to the studio, we have achieved our goal of streamlining our operations in the most cost-effective way. This has led to programmes that are easier to produce and more popular with our viewers. I’d say our mission was accomplished.”