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Streamstar simplifies streaming with Webcast Prodigy

Streamstar has launched studio workstation streaming system Webcast Prodigy.

Streamstar has launched studio workstation streaming system Webcast Prodigy. With more HDMI, HD-SDI and IP inputs than any other product on the market, the company claims, and with quad channel replay and slow-motion benefits, the workstation is designed to enable broadcasters to bring multi-camera production to life, regardless of location on a local, national or global scale.

The Webcast Prodigy studio workstation allows for tailored control over content output, with the ability to connect any type of camera to the system via multiple inputs, plus the option to ingest external content via an additional DVI/HDMI input. The workstation also features replays and slow motion over all feeds within the workflow. A replay preview can be created from all camera angles and is immediately available to be played back. The slow-motion replay playback speed is 50 per cent by default, but can be controlled on the fly, ranging from ultra-slow to fast.

The system includes instant and unlimited playback without the need for transcoding, and has additional features including automated cutting, crossfade and transitions switching modes, a full-featured audio mixer and a built-in proprietary Streamstar encoder for transitions and transfers throughout the production.

“Live streaming technology has recently undergone radical changes, and it’s time for broadcasters to upgrade their streaming capabilities to ensure content reaches as wide an audience as possible,” said Rado Toth, chief executive officer at Streamstar. “This revolutionary workstation will especially benefit content providers wanting to achieve anytime, anyplace reach to any device, whether viewing is via a traditional TV set or a smartphone on the move.”