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Sony presents IP HD Live Production System at IBC2012

At IBC2012, Sony will be showcasing its NXL-IP55 live production unit, set to become available across Europe in January 2013.

At IBC2012, Sony will be showcasing its NXL-IP55 live production unit, set to become available across Europe in January 2013. The NXL-IP55 is key to delivering the next generation Live Production environment, which will dramatically simplify integration using IP infrastructure, preserving broadcast quality and increasing operational efficiency.

Claus Pfeifer, Strategic Marketing manager, Sony Europe, said: “The NXL-IP55 is another great example of how Sony is helping to improve the world of live production. By working with our customers and understanding the challenges they face, we have been able to develop a solution that helps to significantly reduce operational complexity. We strongly believe that an IP based live production environment is the future and will continue to invest in this direction and work with our customers to deliver this.”

Sony has also announced that it will be receiving the first order of the NXL-IP55 from TwentyFourSeven. TwentyFourSeven is a rental company that develops and delivers technical solutions for TV, sport and event production such as the Distance Outside Broadcast (DOB) remote workflow solution. CEO Kent Lundgren at TwentyFourSeven said: “We are delighted to be the first customer to have ordered Sony’s NXL-IP55, as it is truly a great product that will push IP based Live Production one step further. It integrates seamlessly into our existing DOB fiber set-up and will greatly enhance our operational efficiencies and overall image quality output.”

For use in multiple-camera live productions, the NXL-IP55 uses a standard IP link over Local Area Network (LAN) and allows users to transmit up to four HD-SDI video streams (three downstream and one upstream, or two downstream and two upstream). The system also supports up to 10 audio channels, including intercom, control signals, Tally, GPIO and genlock. This allows the NXL-IP55 to drastically reduce the number of cables required and significantly simplifies the operation compared to a conventional system with coaxial cables.

Sony will introduce from November 2012 the new IP remote controller (RM-IP10) and the optional card (BRBK-IP10 & BRBK-IP7Z) that will enable IP Control to the Sony BRC range (BRC-H900, Z330 and Z700). The new RM-IP10 controller will also inherit all the popular functions and operational convenience of the RM-BR300, and will be able to control up to 99 cameras on the same IP Network.

Combined with the NXL-IP55, this provides an IP HD Live Production system that can transmit broadcast quality video, audio and data with a very low latency of less than one field (1/2 frame) over a single LAN connection (depending on network environment).

Another example of how the NXL-IP55 can improve live production is in sports broadcasting. A set-up of three HD cameras at different points of the stadium, connected to the NXL-IP55 can be configured efficiently with minimum cabling. This allows the production team to capture different scenes through multiple cameras in HD quality.

As well as the unique benefits it provides in simplifying cabling for live events, the NXL-IP55 can also help OB companies to control remote operations from distant cities at a lower cost. The low cost of LAN GbE links combined with increased access to secure and dedicated fibre links worldwide will enable broadcasters to use IP in conjunction with the NXL-IP55 to generate low latency, which is key for the broadcast market.