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Sky Sports agrees We.Stream pilot

Embedded cloud SIM technology will enable unlimited data in over 100 countries

Sky Sports has agreed a deal to pilot We.Stream’s secure mobile WiFi hotspot.

We.Stream delivers embedded cloud SIM technology to enable unlimited data in over 100 countries. The deal marks the company’s first international customer, and it will aid Sky Sports in the broadcast of its wide range of sporting content.

The production staff at Sky Sports travel all over the world to broadcast sporting events, and securing direct and secure internet connectivity whenever and wherever they’re working is absolutely critical.

Ian Brash, technical manager at Sky Sports said: “Through We.Stream, we will have secure, cost effective data access in over 100 countries for the first time. Our partners can be assured that any confidential information they share with us is in safe hands and is received instantly. No more waiting for crews to return to their hotel or visit a coffee shop to pick up their messages.”

Joachim de Wild, co-CEO of We.Stream added: “I am so proud to welcome Sky Sports to a pilot of We.Stream. Sky Sports understands the communications problems people face when they travel the world on a regular basis. Because of high data roaming charges, many corporations still let their employees use public Wi-Fi, which comes with security risks. Sky Sports identified these related cybersecurity risks, and for that reason is keen to start using the innovative solution that We.Stream offers.”