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Sky invests $10 million in advertising technology

Sky has invested $10 million in DataXu, provider of programmatic advertising analytics software

Sky has invested $10 million in DataXu, provider of programmatic advertising analytics software.

DataXu partners with advertisers and media agencies to help them engage more efficiently and effectively with consumers across devices.

Its programmatic marketing, which involves the automated, data-driven planning and trading of advertising media devices and formats, is claimed to be capable of analysing and optimising buying decisions on over 100 billion digital advertising opportunities every day.

Sky said it will benefit from the company’s expertise both as an advertiser and investor.

Jamie West, deputy managing director at Sky Media, said, “This investment will help us develop a deeper understanding of programmatic advertising and play our part in shaping the market as it progresses.

“Combining Sky’s knowledge, experience and innovation in advertising with DataXu’s programmatic marketing expertise will provide exciting opportunities for both businesses, and most importantly, for Sky’s advertising partners.”

Sky’s advertising sales unit, Sky Media, will work with DataXu to explore new potential advertising channels, including extending the reach of Sky Media’s Sky AdVance product, which enables multi-platform ad campaigns, as well as helping advertisers to buy addressable TV ads programmatically.

“This strategic investment allows DataXu to partner with a true, global leader in television and media,” said Mike Baker, DataXu co-founder and CEO.

“DataXu and Sky have strong alignment on the future of programmatic and advanced television; and this investment ensures our two companies continue to learn and grow together.”