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SIS LIVE unveils OB 7

SIS LIVE has unveiled OB 7, a 16-camera truck being used for the first time by BBC Sport for its HD coverage of Court One tennis at The Championships, Wimbledon 2009.

SIS LIVE has unveiled OB 7, a 16-camera truck being used for the first time by BBC Sport for its HD coverage of Court One tennis at The Championships, Wimbledon 2009.

OB 7 has been designed and built in close consultation with many of SIS LIVE’s clients to offer an incredibly flexible production space. OB 7 is based on an elegant modular design pioneered in SIS LIVE’s first new-generation vehicle, OB 3. The 14.6 metre long OB 7 can be easily configured for any sport, music or light entertainment event.

David Meynell, managing director, SIS LIVE, said: “OB 7 is the pinnacle of the latest outside broadcast innovations put into practice. This is a user-friendly, high specification vehicle that can be easily configured for any event. SIS LIVE’s unrivalled OB experience, coupled with the latest digital HD technology, make this new OB truck unique in the marketplace.”

Meynell explained the company is “building on the successful design of OB 3 as part of a drive to standardise all our trucks for easy interoperability. Anyone who has worked in OB 3 can sit down and feel at home in OB 7. At the same time, the modular design of OB 7 means we can provide tailor-made set-ups for every client. So, we can set up the production gallery for one client, go away on another job and set it up differently, then, when we return to the original client, all the options are stored and we can quickly and easily reconfigure everything for the same director or producer. It is all about making it as flexible and easy as possible for our clients.”

OB 7’s technical infrastructure is based around a powerful 3G Evertz EQX matrix that routes vision with audio embedded in it to keep them in sync throughout the vehicle and to maintain the highest quality transmissions. This is in addition to a Sony MVS-8000G video switcher and Calrec Sigma Bluefin digital audio mixer, which delivers 5.1 surround sound. The vehicle can accommodate up to 16 Sony HDC-1500 multiformat cameras and up to three Sony SuperMotion slow-motion cameras. There are six EVS disk recorders and configurations for six DigiBeta, HDCAM or HDCAM SR VTRs. The flexible monitor wall features two 26-inch flat-panel TFT preview monitors and 16 23-inch transmission monitors, each capable of displaying up to four images each.

OB 7 and OB 3 are completely HD throughout and 3G capable, and they can both handle 1080i50 pictures as well as being future-proofed for 1080p50 for progressive transmissions. As both vehicles have the same infrastructure design, they can share material seamlessly and are an ideal pairing for match coverage and presentation.

Phil Aspden, head of commercial, SIS LIVE, said: “One of the key objectives for us is to focus on our customers’ working environment which is absolutely paramount and I believe has been achieved with OB 7. The customer reaction to both OB 3 and OB 7 has been amazing with OB 7 going straight to its first job, working without fault, with great feedback from all those who have seen it in action. This is extremely satisfying to all of us and a testament to the design and build of this market leading and innovative Outside Broadcast unit.”