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SIS LIVE, TV3 invest in Clear-Com intercom solutions

European outside broadcast and satellite uplink provider SIS LIVE and Irish broadcaster TV3 have bought Clear-Com systems.

European outside broadcast and satellite uplink provider SIS LIVE and Irish broadcaster TV3 have bought Clear-Com systems. To facilitate expansion of the company’s outside broadcast business SIS LIVE commissioned two new hybrid broadcast trucks and required a communications infrastructure for these vehicles. As the new trucks were larger than DSNG trucks but smaller than outside broadcast vehicles, one of the key challenges was to source a solution that was compact but offered full matrix functionality. To meet these requirements SIS LIVE invested in Clear-Com’s Eclipse digital matrix intercom systems and V-Series user panels. Clear-Com’s Eclipse PiCo digital matrix is ideal for communication needs in small to mid-size production environments such as the new SIS LIVE broadcast trucks. Eclipse PiCo offers dual power supplies and high-quality 36 full-duplex panel/4-wire ports, in a compact one-rack unit (1RU) chassis. To facilitate even easier configuration changes, the PiCo’s front user menu enables quick and easy changes to input/output levels, routes and configurations. “The Eclipse PiCo is compact and highly functional, making it ideal for the new SIS LIVE broadcast trucks,” commented Dave Gill, head of Technical Delivery, SIS LIVE. “We’ve had a very positive experience with Clear-Com’s highly flexible communications systems, so it made sense for us to install Clear-Com’s Eclipse PiCo system when deciding on a solution for our new vehicles.” TV3, Ireland’s privately owned free-to-air television network, has also invested in Clear-Com solutions to bridge communications between their new purpose-built HD studio and their existing studio headquarters. TV3 previously used Drake 4000, a legacy Clear-Com system and were happy to upgrade to the latest Clear-Com technology for their future communication platform. TV3 selected two Clear-Com Eclipse Median matrices, V-Series Panels and a FreeSpeak wireless system. The Eclipse Matrix now enables the efficient connection between TV3’s two buildings via an intelligent fibre trunking link providing the broadcaster with a reliable and scalable communication solution. Eclipse’s flexible audio interface modules enabled TV3 to maintain their existing telecoms infrastructure in the studio headquarters whilst being fully accessible to users in the new studio. FreeSpeak wireless also integrates in the Eclipse Matrix allowing wireless users to roam the two buildings whilst remaining in contact with any panel or belt pack user in the network. Placing wireless communications within the Matrix frame ensures a tightly integrated intercom platform. “Clear-Com’s digital matrix solution has provided TV3 with a highly flexible and totally scalable solution that fully meets our current communication needs as well as any future requirements,” commented Jose de Freitas, chief engineer, TV3. “Further investment in Clear-Com technology from existing customers is the best endorsement that any company can ask for,” commented Martin Bennett, commercial director, Tyrell. “Clear-Com’s market leading intercom solutions give broadcasters the ability to adjust to and fulfil the demands of any production.”