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Ross Video launches Software-Defined Production ecosystem

Delivers "adaptability, scalability and agility" to broadcasters by moving away from single-function devices

Ross Video has announced the launch of its new Software Defined Production Ecosystem which it describes as “a new and growing family of products based on the view that broadcasters should be free to choose the transport that is most appropriate for their project”. 

According to the company, SDP delivers “adaptability, scalability and agility” to broadcasters by moving away from single-function devices.

The new product will be on show at CABSAT in Dubai later this month.

Todd Riggs, marketing product manager for Ross Video, said SDP offers users a simple to use product, “Ross has a strong history of offering solutions that replace customer confusion with simplicity. 

“The key is ensuring that customers have the right options given their scale, budget and tolerance to risk, and that no one is trampled by an unnecessary or compromising technology rush.”

“It’s a very challenging time in the industry – IP is the dominant discussion topic and content producers are naturally attracted by the opportunity IP opens up for efficiency,” added Riggs. “However, IP brings its own set of challenges and we’ve seen many industry commentators hold up IP as an ideal or singular path to achieve agility, which is clearly not true in all cases.”