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Ross and Masstech collaborate on news workflow

At IBC Ross Video launched a newsroom automation system, Inception News. With a product line already including camera robotics, switchers and graphics, integration was a logical step.

The open architecture of Inception allows products from other vendors to be integrated into a total solution. First to announce a collaboration was Masstech, which claims its media management system is the first to allow all elements of a story – including text, metadata and media – to be transferred seamlessly as a single package between locations, production servers and even different newsroom systems.

“Thanks to close work between Masstech and Ross, we are pleased to be able to deliver significant workflow enhancements for the Inception News system,” said Mike Palmer of Masstech. “It is important that broadcasters have options in order to find the solution that best meets their particular requirements.”

As well as managing the news production process for broadcast, Inception News allows journalists to create content directly for social media and the web. To do this, the traditional newsroom computer system workflow has been refined to create a common environment.

“One of the things that news professionals love about Inception is that social media and the web are front and centre along with the linear news production,” said David Ross, CEO of Ross Video. The architecture of Inception calls for a server to be installed at the broadcast hub, with access to the system from anywhere in the world using a web browser.