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Rohde & Schwarz enters A/V headend market

The R&S AVHE100 has just a few hardware components. Its core components are the R&S AVS100 audio/video server and the R&S AVG100 audio/video gateway.

The R&S AVHE100 has just a few hardware components. Its core components are the R&S AVS100 audio/video server and the R&S AVG100 audio/video gateway. In two height units, the two components can, for example, be set up for a DVB-T2 headend that includes multiple decoders and encoders for HD and SD programmes, multiplexers, a DVB T2 gateway, and a workflow-oriented headend management system. All audio and video signal processing functions have been implemented entirely with software-based modules in the R&S AVS100 server. Signal distribution and communications inside the headend are fully IP-based. This simplifies installation and allows for customisable configuration and system upgrades. The R&S AVHE100 is also easy to integrate into playout structures and is well suited for direct IP connections to and from the headend. The audio/video gateway converts legacy signals such as SDI and ASI to IP at the system boundaries. The headend can encode video streams in both H.264 and MPEG 2 format. There is also an option to consolidate the streams into a statistical multiplex. This utilisation of data rates makes it possible to transmit more programmes and achieve higher picture quality. In the DVB multiplexer, the relevant programme information is added. The integrated headend management system enables users to configure, control and monitor the individual system components. A graphical user interface – also available in touchscreen format – simplifies system operation. The SFN adapter for DVB-T and T2 gateway for DVB-T2 software options make it possible to operate transmitter networks as single-frequency networks (SFN). The options provide the required signaling and generate the appropriate standard-compliant data streams. The R&S AVHE100 can be upgraded from DVB-T to DVB-T2 or another successor standard with a software license, making it a future-ready investment. A redundancy concept provides a high degree of failsafety. The proprietary R&S CrossFlowIP feature ensures uninterrupted signal switching during redundancy operation. Using additional IP switches, the crossbars normally used are no longer necessary. R&S CrossFlowIP makes it possible to route the signal via the main path and redundancy path of the headend as required for the specific operating situation. This allows signal switching during maintenance and in the event of faults. Core R&S AVS100 server and IP switch hardware components such as hard disks and power supplies are duplicated to ensure high availability. An optional video wall for the R&S AVHE100 enables quality control on all critical interfaces of the signal path. The video wall indicates the quality of the programmes supplied and of the output transport stream, showing measured results graphically and