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Riedel backs German horse racing

Partnership brings new camera solutions and high-end equipment to capture races

Riedel Communications has joined German Racing and German Tote to create future-oriented broadcasting formats for German horse racing.

Through the partnership, the three organisations will bring new camera solutions and high-end equipment to capture the races, with real-time visuals explaining and illuminating the action for viewers.

Riedel will enable state-of-the-art production and program formats, assuming responsibility for all aspects of video production in close cooperation with its partners and content agencies.

The company has developed a comprehensive, IP-based premium service for horse race production with Riedel Atmosphere Media Cloud at its core, which combines digital content management and internal production systems in a single OTT platform.

The platform enables convenient management of all data, graphics content and video streams, as well as direct playout for live streams on social media outlets.

The Riedel service includes a MediorNet media infrastructure to control all camera signals and processed world feed signals, alongside centralised and decentralised intercom systems to ensure smooth production processes.

Riedel Communications CEO Thomas Riedel said: “A focus on innovation, with an eye to the technical possibilities, has been a Riedel trademark from day one. Our new partnership with German Racing and German Tote is a prime example.

“The future of German horse racing starts now, as we work together to create a unique viewer experience and pave the way for entirely new production formats.”