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Reidel’s Bolero facilitates communication in Amazon’s The Expanse

Drama series has used the wireless intercom system across camera, grip, lighting, producers, director, assistant directors, script, and video playback

Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom has kept the crew of Amazon’s drama series The Expanse connected during production.

The system was selected by the show’s DoP Jeremy Benning to streamline the crew’s communication. Previously individual teams each had their own communications methods, ranging from HME wireless intercoms to walkie-talkies.

The Bolero system on set consists of 26 beltpacks and four antennas. The crew patched the audio feed from the sound mixer into Bolero to enable connected departments (camera, grip, lighting, producers, director, assistant directors, script, and video playback) to listen to actors’ dialogue whenever they need to.

In addition, the production has used Bolero to feed the “voice of God” speaker for delivering announcements to the entire shooting crew, and the director and script supervisor used a wireless talk-back speaker to give notes to the cast.

“My entire crew has said many times how much they appreciate Bolero’s single-system elegance, the clarity of audio, and the interconnectedness of all our audio streams — particularly since we’re often whispering cues to each other during takes,” said Benning.

“These are A-team technicians, but they’re mostly first-time Bolero users who are now completely in love with this solution. There is no going back once you have experienced Bolero, the ultimate way of managing a complex team with high-stake demands.”