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Putting the news story at the centre of production

Vizrt's new eBook explains the advantages of software-based production workflows

As the broadcast industry enters into (or indeed emerges from) new working conditions, more flexible video production procedures are in order. Studio automation from Vizrt removes technical complexity for broadcasters by abandoning hardware constraints in favour of elastic, scalable and remote production-friendly operations. The company’s new eBook explains the advantages of software-based production workflows.

In a newsroom context, studio automation puts the story at the centre of production with a simple user interface, giving the director all necessary information to respond quickly to breaking news scenarios. This includes a real-time updated version of the presenter text, as well as video integrated into the user interface. All operators in the control room benefit from this real-time view of upcoming events, alongside advanced keyboard and touch screen hotkeys specially designed for breaking news and other unscripted events.


Meanwhile repetitive and complex tasks are automated, allowing production teams to focus on world-class storytelling over technical delivery. Broadcasters are therefore able to deliver faster, error-free show creation in a manner that reduces resource requirements through virtualisation of control rooms. If a crew cannot get to the studio or a presenter needs to cover for the director, Vizrt’s studio automation and production control tool turns the modern control suite into a remote and mobile asset that can be securely accessed at will.

Key abilities of Vizrt’s studio automation include:

    • Integration with and automated control of all major device groups in a control room/studio
    • Create and share automation templates
    • Comprehensive user interface with customisable layouts
    • Live video sources displayed in the user interface
    • Production output and next event are shown in the interface
    • Display of timing and status for stories and elements
    • Extensive NRCS integration with all the major suppliers supported
    • Handle multiple rundowns
    • Supports scripted and unscripted shows
    • Multi-studio control
    • Touch screen operation with single or multiple operators

The tool is also hardware agnostic with advanced features for 24/7 operation, including opening and operating multiple rundowns from the newsroom system, and providing back-to-back operation of programs while maintaining program output. In addition, studio automation enables flexible staffing configurations so the amount of operators can actually change during a production.

Download the eBook for more information on how studio automation can help broadcasters keep their audiences updated in even the most challenging of circumstances.

Click here to download the ebook