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Post production house Wash relocates to new facility

Facility includes a new hero suite, capable of handling 4K Dolby Vision Mastering

Post production specialist Wash has relocated to a new base in Farringdon.

The company has added a new hero suite, capable of handling 4K Dolby Vision Mastering. The new facility has been built on a brand new Windows based system, with the HDR suite running DaVinci Resolve on an HP Z8 G4 workstation and incorporating Titan graphics cards as well as the DeckLink 8K I/O card.

The company has also invested in a set of DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panels and the latest EIZO ColorEdge CG3145 for HDR monitoring.

As Wash’s four suites run a mixture of HP workstations and iMac Pros, they opted for direct attached SAS RAID storage for each system to support 8K playback in real-time.
“We have always put the client experience first, and technology decisions like DaVinci Resolve play a critical role in our ability to do that,” said Wash founder Jon Dobson. “It is affordable, unbelievably flexible, and continues to develop far quicker than any other tool I’ve ever worked on.”
“With the continued integration of Fusion alongside an expanding set of NLE and audio capabilities, the idea of doing more in Resolve is appealing. We see tremendous potential to grow our VFX offering in the next two years, and it is an area we want to expand upon, with Fusion being an extended part of a collaborative workflow.”