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Post and Sports join EditShare’s Geevs

EditShare has added Post and Sports to its Geevs family of broadcast servers, both showcased at this year’s NAB.

EditShare has added Post and Sports to its Geevs family of broadcast servers, both showcased at this year’s NAB.

Geevs Post is a completely scalable, multipurpose ingest server and playout solution designed specifically for the post production industry. It integrates with EditShare’s central storage and Flow Media Asset Management, offering full integration with Flow projects, while sequences can be created in Post and edited in Flow, or vice-versa.

Among its key features is its compact configuration, up to 32TB of internal storage – RAID 6 protection, live video previews in channel windows complete with audio and new Scheduler client, an intuitive web client to add scheduled events for recording with clutter-free interface.

James Richings, EditShare’s managing director, commented: “The combination of Geevs Post’s specification and high-quality technology, mixed with a competitive price point will surely meet the demand we know is out there for a product like this.”

For the sports/live events market, Geevs Sports (pictured) is a new family of products offering a complete broadcast solution for sports coverage, which includes a Sports Replay server with an integrated multiviewer, an efficient tactile controller, and Sports Assistant – a web client for logging action during an event.

Geevs Sports represents a cost-effective, value-added package suitable for broadcasters, outside broadcast companies, in-stadium television producers and elite performance programmes.

Richings believes the new product will fill a much-needed gap in the market. He said: “Geevs Sports offers a complete solution to professionals looking to improve their live events and sports coverage, and when compared to other systems available, it offers real competiveness in terms of features and price point. The cost-effectiveness of our products will appeal directly to those organisations and individuals who want the latest technology, flexibility and scalability you’d expect from an industry-leading product, but at a fraction of the cost.”