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Pixel Power shows v9.5

Amongst the attractions on the Pixel Power stand will be the UK show debut of the company’s v9.5 core software release.

Amongst the attractions on the Pixel Power stand will be the UK show debut of the company’s v9.5 core software release.

The powerfully architected v9.5 sits at the heart of Pixel Power’s product range and is a significant update to the software that powers broadcast graphics operations around the world. The software also benefits from Automated Transition Logic (ATL), which simplifies operations and reduces the possibility of graphical playout errors. It allows templates to modify their appearance automatically in response to changes in one or more of the objects within the template. This ensures that a single template can accommodate dynamic changes to data or graphical objects without the need for external intervention or the creation of additional templates. For example, a logo could be automatically repositioned, when a lower third is added without the need to take off the logo, trigger another animation, or even playout a new template page.

The Pixel Power Media Shop has been significantly upgraded to allow it to operate as an ingest server and to automatically manage the conversion and distribution of v9.5 template-related audio/video clips, still images and job packages to Pixel Power graphics systems. This means that once the system is user-configured there is no further manual intervention in terms of file conversion or distribution to graphics systems.

Version 9.5 includes full support for stereoscopic 3D graphics – already used by ESPN for its FIFA World Cup 2010 coverage – with unique realtime control of depth and separation allowing ultimate flexibility at the point of playout. The stereoscopic 3D creation process is identical to that used for planoscopic 3D graphics making the process both familiar and easy-to-use.

At the show, Pixel Power will also highlight its BrandMaster Control System (pictured), a user configurable, any-screen-to-any-device branding and master control environment. Customers can deploy Video Switch Panels (hardware), with unique full-colour TFT switches that can display images of graphics and video assets, alone or in combination with soft panels configured and hosted within the Pixel Power Management Console environment. Using TCP/IP protocols, this control system provides previously unseen levels of configurability and control over the BrandMaster environment and beyond.

Stand: H6