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OpenMedia powers ‘ARD Sportschau’

The latest v3.7 of Annova Systems' news management system, OpenMedia, is at the heart of a new order from Germany's WDR that will use it to power its highly-regarded 'ARD Sportschau' programme.

The latest v3.7 of Annova Systems‘ news management system, OpenMedia, is at the heart of a new order from Germany’s WDR that will use it to power its highly-regarded ‘ARD Sportschau’ programme.

The OpenMedia system has been used since 2002 in several editorial sectors of the WDR radio and TV broadcaster. The TV directorate then specified the introduction of OpenMedia in the programme content group Sport FS (Sports TV) as editorial and story management system, building a networked editorial system as a standardised communication platform for planning all broadcasts.

Journalists can plan their story for all the sports shows centralised in OpenMedia. This implements a sports specific workflow in OpenMedia, where relevant dates can be automatically imported into the Eventcalendar of OpenMedia. There they are managed and synchronised and the whole editorial team has an overview of all sports events. OpenMedia is also completely integrated in the production process and interfaced with the Quantel production tools for ingest and editing. Within the editing process the team of the broadcaster has access to timing screens and schedules developed specifically for their handling of sports.

“OpenMedia is the editorial management system already used in broad sectors of the WDR. For the sports editors it will offer the specific advantage of being able to connect existing systems via a central user-interface with each other. Agency notifications for example will not be entered in every OpenMedia system, but added via OpenMedia Connect from our central NVS. The use of OpenMedia Connect massively improves the ease of cooperation of the editorial offices for TV, radio and internet. This leads not only to faster and more cohesive reporting, but also reduces the cost of content production,” said Dirk Vollmerhaus, project manager at WDR.

Michael Schüller, CEO of Annova Systems, commented: “We are proud to get this large project as a follow-up order by WDR. It enables us to prove again, that OpenMedia is still the leading editorial system in the German speaking area, surpassing the use of simple news applications. New trendsetting technologies and functionality developed in such projects in close cooperation with the customer are the basis for sustainable growth of OpenMedia and allow all our customers to profit from the shared experience.”