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Nova upgrades with Trilogy

Greek broadcaster Nova has selected Trilogy Communications’ Mentor XL Master Reference generators as part of its DVB platform upgrade to HD.

Greek broadcaster Nova has selected Trilogy Communications’ Mentor XL Master Reference generators as part of its DVB platform upgrade to HD.

Supplied by Telmaco S.A., Trilogy’s Greek distributor, Mentor XL will provide the technical capability and operational simplicity that Nova requires for the platform upgrade, and will play an integral role in the transfer of the channels from the existing system to the new infrastructure. The Master Reference system supplied to Nova comprises a pair of Mentor XLs and a MasterMind failsafe changeover unit creating the ultimate peace of mind solution.

Key to the simplicity and flexibility of the Mentor XL system is its architecture, which avoids the need for numerous option boards or factory upgrades by allowing optional features to be activated via an IP connection. Nova chose to have many options installed prior to delivery although features such as NTP Server which allows the Mentor XL to act as a highly accurate and stable source of time for other broadcast equipment can be enabled at any time online.

To further ease the system integration process for Nova, Mentor XL ensures that the SD/HD references and test signals are generated simultaneously in any standard allowing for management of complex incoming and outgoing feeds. Designed specifically to meet the demands of a mixed video environment, Mentor XL boasts numerous features, including 16 channels of embedded audio, allowing Nova’s technical staff to manage and adapt to even the most complicated operations whilst maintaining operational efficiency. Efficiency that is greatly enhanced by Mentor XL’s easy to use, ultra resilient, low maintenance design.

For the utmost stability, Nova was supplied with GPS locking providing an extremely stable and robust method to accurately lock the primary SPGs and also for governing its LTC, VITC and NTP. The Vector software supplied as part of the contract also allows operators to remotely configure and monitor all outputs via a browser which is available across a standard Ethernet network.

Nova also has in place, in its central control room, Trilogy’s fully scalable, Commander and Orator digital matrix Intercoms. Working seamlessly together, these systems ensure reliable communication in all conditions with resilience ensured by the provision of redundant power supplies and dual processors.

Andreas Kontis, Technical Systems and Broadcast Services Manager at Nova, said: “The ease of use sets Mentor XL above any competitive product, and the resilience of the units means that we know that the system will not fail when we need it most. As we continue the transition to HD, I know that I can rely on the Trilogy system to meet the challenges that this poses and offer us a seamless service.”