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Nova TV installs Miranda

Greece's Nova TV has installed Miranda's super-silent Kaleido-X16 multiviewer and multiple Imagestore 750 channel branding processors.

Greece’s Nova TV has installed Miranda’s super-silent Kaleido-X16 multiviewer and multiple Imagestore 750 channel branding processors.

The compact Kaleido-X16 multiviewer features 16-inputs and dual multiviewer outputs, and offers the same high picture quality, extreme layout flexibility, and ease of use as the top of the range Kaleido-X processors.

“The Kaleido-X16 is the best 16×2 multiviewer in terms of value for money on the market, and has an excellent range of inputs – 3Gbps, HD, SD, and even PAL – with plenty of monitoring and alarm features,” said Conrad Preen, who was contracted as the chief architect for the new system at Nova TV.

Nova TV completed a large central control room with the assistance of systems integrators Telmaco to monitor all 16 of its television channels, as well as six live booths for use during complex events. Each live booth comprises a mini control room set up for one channel, and a commentary booth that can be assigned to control, monitor and voice-over any television channel.

“One of our aims was to create a system that would allow the entire station to be monitored during the quiet shifts by one or two operators, but allow extra operators and control facilities to be assigned to channels during complex live events,” said Preen.

The new facility design allows Nova TV to add more channels, and expand control and monitoring facilities according to the needs of specific programmes, rather than the architecture of the equipment.

To strengthen channel branding, Nova TV has also installed 10 of Miranda s Imagestore 750 processors.

“The Imagestore 750 is a very powerful HD-ready tool that lets you solve almost any channel branding problem within the one box, and its 5.1 audio processing modules are ideal for future HD playout,” said Preen. “It’s a machine which has been refined over many years, and this shows.”

“The new facility is efficient, reliable and improves the picture and sound quality of our channels,” commented Andreas Kontis, NOVA Broadcast technical systems manager.