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NewTek introduces TriCaster Mini

NewTek's Matt Allard speaks to TVBEurope

NewTek has introduced the TriCaster Mini, a new compact video production system with full 4K UHD capability.

The TriCaster Mini can live switch up to eight sources simultaneously, with four direct NDI connections and two one-gigabit ethernet connections. It comes as standard with two streaming output encoders for social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.


“NDI is aspect ratio, resolution and frame rate independent,” NewTek product marketing manager Matt Allard told TVBEurope. “So basically with that capability I can set up a session and I can output it square, horizontal, landscape, portrait, something that can be very friendly to output into social media tablets, social media smartphone, anything like that.”

NewTek has also incorporated Live Graphics, Live Panel and Live Story Creator, allowing users to write a script in Microsoft Word, feed it into the teleprompter and control the production across NDI. “It’ll tell the TriCaster when to switch, it’ll tell it when to bring up a graphic, and from that even talent could basically produce an entire show on their own,” explains Allard. “So that’s the whole concept of almost self-service video.”