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New look for Croatian news

Philip Stevens investigates a new studio for Croatian broadcaster HRT designed by a rock-star architect

Dnevnik HRT (Diary HRT) is the main news programme of the Croatian public broadcasting company Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT). Earlier this month, and broadcast daily at 19:00, the programme moved to a new studio in Zagreb’s Prisavlje. To coincide with the move, the format of the show has been revamped.

The hosts of the new Dnevnik are Marta Šimić Mrzlečki and Đurica Drobac – both well respected presenters in Croatia. They are joined by journalist Vlatka Kalinić. 

“Studio 12 is a modern studio that meets the latest world standards, and is located on the famous television square, where generations of journalists and presenters have met every day,” explains Igor Medić, Public Relations Officer for HRT. “We wanted to open the new studio not only to modernise the look of the flagship programme, but also deliver news and current affairs in a superior quality for our audience. Something that is, of course, important to a public service broadcaster.” 


The new studio has been under construction for three years, and covers an area of ​​more than 320 square metres, which is five times larger than ​​the old one. It has been designed by Nenad Borgudan, who combines award-winning architecture with being the lead guitarist of the group Detour

The installation, which was carried out by HRT’s own technical department, includes two AOTO video walls measuring 20 and 22 square metres.

“We have also included LED lighting in order to be more ‘green’ friendly,” states Medić. 

He goes on, “There are four Sony HDC-3500 cameras, plus a Sony HDC-50 on Spidercam in the studio. We are utilising a Stype tracking system and two VizRT graphics engines. Although the equipment is new for Studio 12, this combination of Stype, spidercam and VizRT was used with great effect earlier this year for coverage of the Croatian elections.”

In the production gallery, a Grass Valley Karrera vision mixer has been installed. The communication system is Riedel Artist. 

“At a time when news from around the world is more necessary than ever, this new facility will enable HRT to bring the details to its viewers in a way that is both informative and, through the use of modern technology, easy to illustrate,” says Medić.