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New app automatically edits videos as they are recorded

Velapp has launched on the App Store

Velapp has launched on the App Store – a new video application capable of automatically editing footage as a video is shot.

Velapp takes full advantage of the iPhone’s 3D touch technology to create final videos that can be shared as soon as they are shot. While filming, users press on the screen to mark the moments they believe are the best. This assigns the frames a rating between 0-10. The harder the press, the higher the number assigned.

Once recording is finished, Velapp’s technology automatically pulls together the highest-rated scenes into edited footage and users can then choose how much of it to play back and export.

The 3D touch capabilities work on the iPhone 6S and 7 while for all other Apple devices, there is a slider button that can be moved up and down during filming to mark footage with the Velapp ratings.

Founder David de Min said: “The idea came during a motorbike trip across India with my brother. I came back with hundreds of hours of footage that took weeks to edit.

“I could still visualise the best memories but had to look through everything to find them. Velapp takes away that effort because you can now pick out the most exciting, exhilarating and interesting scenes as you film. All with just a touch.

“While there are many videos editing apps out there, some with tens of millions of downloads, Velapp is the first of its kind to edit video while recording. That’s what makes Velapp different and why we believe it could become a default part of the video-recording experience on a smartphone or tablet in the future.”