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NEP UK, BECTU hold talks over freelancer changes

NEP UK is proposing to no longer work with sole trader freelancers

BECTU has revealed it has held talks with NEP UK over the company’s decision to no longer work with “sole trader” freelancers.

Tony Lennon, BECTU’s freelance and research officer, and Sean Kelly from Bectu’s Outside Broadcast Network, met with Simon Moorhead, NEP UK’s CEO, to discuss the company’s position that freelancers would be required to operate through personal service companies from April 2020.

In a statement, BECTU said it had asked NEP why it was proposing the change, and told the company that proposed IR35 changes next April would not require any change in the status of freelancers.

According to BECTU, NEP told them that the changing and uncertain tax landscape was only one factor in the decision and the principle reason for the proposal was that they wished to “simplify and streamline” the freelance engagement process, and the majority of freelance engagements currently were with personal service companies.

Both sides have agreed to continue talking and will meet again.