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NDR chooses ISOTEM for Eurovision Song Contest

Germany's NDR broadcast live shows on Das Erste, using the ISOTEM upmix system

Germany’s NDR broadcast live shows on Das Erste, using the ISOTEM upmix system from DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio und Messsysteme for the first time.

Eurovision Song Contest 2014: Countdown für Kopenhagen and Grand Prix Party were shown on Das Erste before and after the Eurovision Song Contest Final. The ISOTEM upmix unit was used for live music and full playback.

ISOSTEM is a lossless realtime multichannel converter for stereo and surround signals. The unit enables broadcasters to produce programmes continuously in surround sound, regardless of whether stereo or surround sources are used. ISOTEM analyses the exchanges of acoustic energy at the listening position, the ‘sweetspot’, and reproduces an equivalent field by multichannel projection. The multichannel signal is subservient to the stereo signal.

ISOSTEM is available as hardware in different versions and with different functionality. The Expert version contains the full range of functions and all setting options. Various parameters can be defined individually via a GUI and saved as presets. Up to six presets can be saved and retrieved as well as transferred to further ISOSTEM devices.

The Live version is well suited for use in broadcasting. In addition to pre-defined factory presets, those imported out of the Expert version can also be used. Live also has a backup function, meaning that if two devices are connected to one another and one of the devices has a malfunction, the system switches automatically to the remaining functioning device.