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NAGRA, Samsung deploy TVkey at HD+

NAGRA and Samsung Electronics have announced the “world’s first” commercial deployment of TVkey at German satellite operator HD+.

Jointly developed by Samsung and NAGRA, TVkey is the next-generation security solution for consumers to access encrypted pay-TV services directly on their TV sets without a set-top box or second remote.

TVkey has been designed to provide TV platforms and pay-TV operators with a low-cost route to market for their services, including 4K and HDR channels. The company stated that it “entices new TV buyers to experience the beauty of 4K Ultra HD/HDR programming from the TV platform or pay-TV operator instead of automatically defaulting to 4K OTT services.”

Georges Agnes, managing director and COO, HD+, said: “The HD+ TVkey gives consumers HD+ channels without the need of a separate receiver or CAM module with smartcard–meaning access to HD+ becomes even easier.”

“Working with Samsung also gives us the ability to reach new customers as soon as they buy a new television through instant HD+ service activation. And because the solution uses the security we know and trust from NAGRA, we know our content partners will be satisfied.”

The TVkey content security approach is designed to meet stringent Hollywood requirements for protection of 4K and HDR content, as well as allowing pay-TV operators to add new subscribers and broaden their existing business models.

“We are providing consumers and pay-TV operators with a flexible and cost effective route to high-quality services, while offering state-of-the-art pay-TV security,” said Pierre Roy, executive vice president and COO of Digital TV at NAGRA.

“By integrating our latest content protection technology alongside open standards, such as USB and HbbTV/HTML5, we not only ensure excellent security, but also deliver a feature-rich, operator-branded user experience directly to the consumer’s TV.”