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NAB 2012: Chryon demonstrates two new social media integrations

Chyron has launched Shout, a stand-alone software application that enables broadcasters to bring social media commentary into their live broadcasts quickly and easily, and Engage, a second screen and social TV platform.

Chyron has launched Shout, a stand-alone software application that enables broadcasters to bring social media commentary into their live broadcasts quickly and easily, and Engage, a second screen and social TV platform. Shout (pictured) gives one or more users the ability to monitor, select, adjust, and route social media conversations to broadcast graphics systems either for on-air playback or for storage as data files for later use. “As a flexible and comprehensive software-based tool for bringing moderated social media content to air, Shout fits in nicely within our expanding range of social media offerings,” said Bonnie Barclay, VP and chief marketing officer at Chyron. “Simplifying handling of tweets and custom moderator messages all the way through to broadcast, Shout makes it easy for broadcasters to integrate social media content into programming conveniently and according to the workflow that best suits their operations.” Multiple instances of Shout running across a facility can be used simultaneously by different staff members to view content and moderate the same playback list. Users can add, remove, and authenticate multiple social media accounts, each of which has its own playback controller, playback-style settings, and filters, as well as an automated find-and-replace feature that defines words and phrases that will be automatically replaced with new text. Operators also have the ability to create multiple application-wide moderator messages that act as customised posts. Shout’s built-in playback controller eliminates the need to write scripts or data-bind templates on the playout devices. In addition, the software enables users to save a playback list as a data file, which in turn, allows additional third-party devices to data-bind to the playlist. Because Shout can control many devices and multiple regions on a single device, it supports many different workflows. Chyron and ConnecTV have partnered to integrate ConnecTV’s popular second screen app with Chyron’s broadcast graphics platform — uniting the on-air and online experiences for instant viewer polls and a realtime social TV relationship with the audience. Newscasters can now offer an on-air survey, prompt an instant vote, and chat on ConnecTV. The poll results quickly loop back on air for display on TV, as well as on ConnecTV, simultaneously. Leveraging Chyron’s new ENGAGE second screen and social TV platform along with Chyron on-air graphics systems, a station’s news, sports, and entertainment producers can easily create interactive initiatives that begin with calls-to-action on television. The TV graphics and newscaster prompt drives users to ConnecTV, where they can interact with the TV poll. The poll results then automatically appear on both screens with dynamic info-graphics. “We’re transforming the broadcast experience by integrating a dynamic, real-time social platform that drives viewership on television. It’s as simple as one screen, two-screens, both-screens,” said Joe Foxton, vice president of broadcast solutions at Chyron. “ConnecTV provides a fresh, simple solution to bringing the audience together with the broadcast.” “ConnecTV is committed to driving a whole new way to watch television, by building the most comprehensive social television platform, supporting all networks, all local stations, and all regional sports networks with the most compelling companion experience to television,” said Alan Moskowitz, ConnecTV co-founder and chief technology officer. “By partnering with industry innovators such as Chyron, we can propel the ‘view-ser’ experience into a new era of television watching — and social activity.” ConnecTV’s social platform lets users instantly sync on their iPad, Mac, or PC (Android devices and smart phones coming soon) with whatever show they are watching on television. ConnecTV view-sers instantly see what their friends are watching and share their favorite TV moments with a single touch. Chyron graphics systems enable template-based creation of rich realtime 3D graphics, and the ConnecTV app keeps creation of second-screen elements simple. As a result, broadcasters using both of these solutions via the ENGAGE platform can produce dynamic, engaging, and complementary content for both the first screen and second screen, and without hiring specialised staff. SL1510