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Multiple launches from Canford

Canford has announced multiple launches at BVE including a new ‘on camera’ miniature 4.8in LCD monitor range from Ruige never before seen in the UK.

Canford has announced multiple launches at BVE including a new ‘on camera’ miniature 4.8in LCD monitor range from Ruige never before seen in the UK.

The Ruige TL-480HD series of monitors (pictured) are receiving their launch at BVE and are so new only a prototype was available at IBC last year. This is the first time a production version has been seen anywhere. They are designed specifically for use as on-camera monitors in film and TV production and HD video shooting with DSLR cameras. The four models offer differing video signal connectivity. The most advanced has connections for HDMI, HD/SD-SDI, composite video, will pass through SDI-embedded audio, provides on-screen metering and has an onboard converter to produce an SDI signal from the HDMI input, allowing much longer cable runs. The 4.8 inch LCD screens have high resolution and wide viewing-angles, and are equipped with a collapsible and removable sun-hood, which serves also to protect the LCD screen when closed.

Canford’s new 1U LED Rack Light is seen for the first time anywhere at the BVE show. The device is fitted with ‘soft close’ sliding rails, which offer significant advantages over the fixed versions available. This drawer type action means the unit can be pulled out past obstructions such as control knobs patch cords etc and avoids most of the problems with shadows thrown by these inevitable impediments in a ‘real life’ working environment. When closed, the unit is flush with the rack front again offering an improvement in performance over fixed designs with their protruding lamp units. The LED illumination offers significant power saving over incandescent versions and Canford’s unit automatically switches itself off when pushed shut.

The Beachtek DXA-5DA audio pro-interface will also receive its show debut. This passive unit permits professional mics with balanced XLR outputs to be used with DSLRs with 3.5mm jack mic inputs. It also features twin VU meters and a headphone amp with volume control for monitoring audio output. A ground lift switch assists in removing annoying hum components.

The Centrance Mic Port Pro is a low-noise USB microphone pre-amplifier providing 48v Phantom Power and can plug into a ribbon, dynamic or condenser microphone. It connects it to any computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X 10.5, using a USB cable and is recognised natively, with no need for special drivers. It also provides a headphone socket offering zero-latency monitoring and is aimed at professional applications such as recording vocals and overdubs, instruments and amplifiers, podcasting, broadcasting and interviewing.

Canford will also show a selection from their globally specced range of termination and patch panels as extensively used in last year’s World Cup finals. These include MUSA HD and BNC HD for 3G HD, Cat5e, Cat6 and all popular fibre styles, manufactured entirely in house by Canford so customisation and delivery to tight timescales is usually possible. Panels are frequently customer branded or painted in our own paintshop. Also the latest products from Hoodman, Rycote, PAG batteries and accessories and Canford’s wide range of boompoles from Panamic, Ambient, Rode, K&M etc…all with show discounts.

Stand: E48