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Molinare partners with mo-cap company Centroid

Two companies will offer mo-cap technology at new central London studio

Post production house Molinare has announced a joint venture with motion capture company Centroid, which includes a bespoke full performance capture studio in central London.

Centroid specialise in performance capture, character animation and VFX services for TV, films and games. Their work has been used on Wonder Woman 1984, Game Of Thrones, The Dark Anthology series, Mary Poppins Returns, and Dunkirk.

The two companies have previously worked together at Pinewood Studios. The partnership will enable them to offer performance capture technology in the middle of London.

Nigel Bennett, Molinare’s MD said, “I am very happy to reignite a working relationship with Phil and his brilliant team at Centroid. They are the UK’s leading motion and performance capture provider and a major player on the international stage. Combining their expertise and our own in-house capabilities, led by our creative director, Glen Gathard, will be a potent blend and add creative depth to Molinare’s media services offer.”

Centroid CEO Phil Stilgoe added, “I’m personally and professionally overjoyed to once again have Centroid working alongside Nigel and Glen. Over the last decade we have partnered on many great projects which have laid the foundations on which we will continue to build. We offer world class story telling services not only at our fantastic, huge studio in Uxbridge but also right in the beating heart of Soho at Molinare’s vibrant creative hub.”