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Medway selected for BBC DMI

Marquis Broadcast's interoperability engine, Medway, has been selected by Siemens as an essential component of the BBC's Digital Media Initiative.

Marquis Broadcast’s interoperability engine, Medway, has been selected by Siemens as an essential component of the BBC’s Digital Media Initiative.

As a result of this decision, Marquis Broadcast will form a global partnership with Siemens to make the technologies and know-how involved in delivering DMI available to other broadcasters who are considering tackling a similar technical challenge.

Siemens IT Solutions and Services, as the BBC’s technology partner, has been working with the Corporation to architect the solution for DMI and select the key technology vendors. Siemens will now act as the prime integrator on the project, leading the service-oriented integration of these components to deliver a solution that meets the needs of the Corporation.

Medway was chosen for the initiative because of its ability to move media seamlessly between systems without incurring file compatibility issues and because of its inherent use of rich metadata. The software is able to extract, edit and manipulate metadata that is attached to media, providing easy to use tools for building the powerful search, browse and media transfer systems needed to manage content effectively.

Medway will provide media integration for the initiative as part of an overall infrastructure which is being provided by Siemens. One component of this will be a WIP (work-in-progress) production system which will allow users to view, sort, pre-edit and archive content. Rough cuts will be moved from the WIP system to the craft editing systems using Medway as the control and transfer interface, ensuring all files are moved quickly and easily.

Elisabetta Castiglioni, EVP of the Global Media Business within Siemens, commented: “Siemens chose Marquis Broadcast because we needed to ensure that the movement of media was stable and secure, and that we were able to make maximum use of the metadata. Marquis Broadcast’s Medway helps us to achieve this and is a vital component of DMI’s usability and performance.”

Medway will also manage the movement of finished edits in HD and SD back from the craft editing systems to the WIP system and will provide a full genealogy report containing information about all the components used in the edit. This report will enable the WIP system to achieve high level control and management of archived media, and will provide important information for legal functions such as rights processing and reporting.

The decision to include media transfer software that operates independently of other manufacturers’ systems gives flexibility for the solution to evolve over time. New technologies can thus be incorporated as they emerge, without disrupting workflows.