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Media Broadcast tests first drone flight via 5G

Company says video images transmitted in real time from the drone were "extremely high"

Technical services provider Media Broadcast has partnered with drone company Globe UAV to test the ability of 5G to control a drone whilst in flight.

The company said the test will help determine the usability of 5G and drones in broadcast production.

The use case was carried out at Media Broadcast’s standalone 5G campus near Berlin. The company said the very low latency times achieved on its 5G campus network noticeably improve the drone’s response to control commands from the pilot; it plans to further explore the technology following the tests.

Video images transmitted in real time from the drone were “extremely high” quality. Media Broadcast added that with the use of professional zoom lenses, production could achieve “razor-sharp images” at greater distances.

“In the future, drones will play an increasingly important role in supporting production processes,” said Daniel Wolbers, project manager for 5G campus networks at Media Broadcast.

“We are pleased that we can support Globe UAV with our 5G campus network to further advance the development of innovative drone systems and even celebrate a world premiere together.”