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MEDIA BROADCAST deploys Signiant file transfer

MEDIA BROADCAST has introduced a new high-speed file transfer service for its broadcast and production customers based on Signiant's Managers+Agents software.

MEDIA BROADCAST has introduced a new high-speed file transfer service for its broadcast and production customers based on Signiant‘s Managers+Agents software. Signiant’s enterprise-class software solutions are designed to address all aspects of file-based media movement including acceleration, automation, security and control across global networks. Part of Signiant’s compatible product suite, Managers+Agents is optimised for automated batch file transfers, advanced resource management and workflow integration. “This new service is a true win for our company. Using Signiant, our customers have the ability to share critical media files over our realtime network at speeds five times faster than they could using a basic Internet connection, and exponentially faster than old-style, tape-based workflows with assurance that their content is protected and secure,” said Rafael Dornes, product manager of Broadcast Next Generation Network (NGN) Solutions at MEDIA BROADCAST. “Through this offering, called MeXS, MEDIA BROADCAST is able to extend its portfolio of value-added services, supporting our clients’ existing production workflows and integrating them into the workflows of their business partners.” Supporting a connected community of more than 130 broadcasters and production companies in Germany, Vienna, Brussels, Paris and London as well as North America, MEDIA BROADCAST’S MeXS service lets users exchange prerecorded video and audio content within the secure confines of the MEDIA BROADCAST network often in a matter of seconds depending on the size of the files and resolution of the content. MEDIA BROADCAST customers, with an existing connection to the company’s Broadcast NGN solutions, are automatically enrolled in the MeXS community, making them instantly reachable for file transfers via the NGN address book. Since MEDIA BROADCAST services complement existing deployments of Signiant software and services industry-wide, customers that have deployed Signiant internally to facilitate file transfers among their own regional locations can further extend those workflows to encompass other members of the MeXS community. “With MeXS, MEDIA BROADCAST has recognised an opportunity to expand its business model with a new service that meets an important, unmet need for its customers to move media files securely and efficiently,” said Joachim Bause, Signiant’s general manager for Central Europe. “We are pleased to bring greater efficiency to their operations through our award-winning file movement software.”