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The Look completes post-production on The Halcyon

UK post-production house The Look has completed the conform, grade and deliverables for ITV drama, The Halcyon.

The Look’s new facility in Soho includes grading and online suites as well as a grading theatre which house SAM’s Quantel Rio 4K colour, edit and finishing systems and a Neo control surface.

The Look has also purchased SAM’s Rio Assist software to support ingesting, conforming and exporting from its main Quantel Rios.

Following the upgrade, The Look has spent six months working on ITV primetime drama, The Halcyon, alongside other projects, completing the colour grade, online and deliverables.

Senior colourist and managing director at The Look, Thomas Urbye, said, “I love working with the Rio because it promotes creativity and speed at the same time. On The Halcyon, we graded and managed picture fixes all on the same timeline, within the same architecture.

We were also able to export the DPP AS-11 files for broadcast as well as the DCPs & QuickTime ProRes for press screenings directly from our Rio systems, which our client was incredibly pleased with.”

 “If we want to stay competitive, it’s important that we have tools like Quantel Rio in place” says Urbye. “Not only because it handles any format, even 8K, but more so because it really lets us focus on the creative aspect of our job and enables us to deliver an excellent product on time and on budget.