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London’s first 4K studio opens with Rotolight

Celebro Studios, London’s first fully 4K studio has chosen Rotolight’s ANOVA LED Floodlights to help capture and deliver 4K media.

Celebro Studios, London’s first fully 4K studio, has chosen Rotolight’s ANOVA LED Floodlights to help capture and deliver 4K media.

Over two years in the making, the 2000sqft TV and film studio features robotic 4K TV cameras and fibre optic networking and is exclusively lit by Rotolight’s ANOVA Bi Colour V2 LED Floodlights.

“The studio is purpose-built for broadcast, digital and web streaming, and represents a significant investment in what we see as the future of TV,” said Wesley Dodd, chief executive at the studio. “A lot of broadcasters, publishers and NGOs are looking to make TV-standard programmes that might not necessarily be broadcast in the traditional way and may instead be streamed over the internet.”

The Bi Colour ANOVA units can be electronically set to reproduce any colour of white light, from candlelight through to full daylight, in 10-degree Kelvin steps of 3150K 6300K maintaining colour temperature across the dimming range.

“We chose these lights for portability, versatility, quality and the coolness,” commented Alex Kerns, studio manager and head of finance. “We have a dedicated air con system for the studio. The lights emit no heat; when designing a studio you have to think about the comfort of the users, the crew and the talent. They are cheaper to run as well, they are so much more efficient than traditional lighting systems, which keeps the electricity and air con bill down.”

The production gallery is enabled for both HD and 4K mixing and boasts bi-directional HD TV link to the BT tower and fibre optic IP networking. Not only is the studio networked but so are the ANOVAs, utilising the built in WiFi Control with the Rotolight Magic Eye iPhone/iPad app.