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Lawo provides IP video, audio, control and monitoring for Game Creek’s new truck fleet

New trucks are fitted with trucks Lawo IP technology for video and audio routing, multiviewers and overall orchestration and control

Lawo has installed its IP audio, video, control and monitoring technology into the new OB truck fleet for Game Creek Video.

The trucks have all been supplied with video and audio routing, multiviewers and overall orchestration and control from Lawo.

Game Creek’s Bravo and Columbia trucks, both 53′ Expandos with a HD Production Unit of 64′ by 24′ Recommended Working Area provide 26 fully-fledged workplaces. Both have been already in use this summer and will now provide NFL coverage. The next truck in production called Gridiron is designed the same way but will feature also an additional B unit. Two more trucks are scheduled for early 2020, featuring the same design.

For signal routing infrastructure Game Creek has deployed a Lawo/Arista ST2110 network based on the Lawo V__matrix IP routing and processing platform. The software-defined V__matrix C100 processing blades handle all IP/SDI conversion, video/audio processing and multiviewers. Each truck features a total of 83x C100 processing blades hosted in eleven frames, providing the truck’s IP video core infrastructure. The blades are connected through redundant 40GbE (or 4x10GbE) Ethernet interfaces to the network and form a distributed IP routing and processing matrix that provides frame-accurate, clean switching just like a legacy baseband matrix. For integrating legacy equipment, the V__matrix installation furnishes a 432×528 SDI gateway solution.

The truck’s video switcher is a ST2110 capable GV K-Frame-X, the up to 20 Sony HDC 4300 cameras are built out for parallel SDI and ST2110 workflows. Also, the eight 16 channel EVS replay systems and the Spotbox are built for parallel SDI and ST2110 operation. The V__matrix C100 blades loaded with the vm_udx app will provide up to 64 Up/Down/Cross format conversion paths between SDR/HDR SD, HD and 4K formats plus audio embedding/de-embedding, frame-sync, proc amp and RGB colour correction functionality in every processing path.

“We are honored to announce our growing partnership with Game Creek Video,” said Jeff Smith, SVP of Sales Americas at Lawo. “Like Game Creek, Lawo is a family owned and operated organisation, and our two companies share similar core values of hard work and integrity, traits we work hard to put at the forefront of our everyday business. We look forward to delivering world class systems for Game Creek to meet their growing technology needs now and into the future.”