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IPV’s Curator powers sport at Infront Italy

IPV is installing its Curator tapeless workflow solution at Infront Italy to provide greater flexibility for its entire sports production workflow — from ingest to transmission.

Infront Italy handles the rights for the Italian football league (Lega Calcio), Italy’s football governing body that permits the transmission of digital archive football materials to Italian broadcasters.

Part of an integrated workflow based on Harris Invenio digital asset management, NEXIO servers, Velocity ESX editing, and ADC playout automation, Infront Italy is commissioning the IPV Curator system during the current Italian football league season. The system is being installed by Italian systems integrator, Media Design and is expected to go on air in late August 2010 at the start of the new football season.

At Infront Italy live material will be ingested onto Harris NEXIO servers and logged using the Invenio digital asset management system. This rich metadata can then be searched by users across the operation to find a particular scene or information they require to produce the programme package. The IPV Process Engine detects the presence of a file on the NEXIO SAN and simultaneously creates a live Curator production proxy, complete with the associated metadata about the file attached to each clip. These live clips are made available to the regional bureaus via a dedicated internet streaming facility provided by Telecomm Italia. Using Curator, operators at these regional bureaus can edit the material and create EDLs. The localised package can then be conformed using the NEXIO InstantOnline III (IOL) automatic conforming engine while Curator’s XCode engine transcodes the finished piece for localised distribution or transmission using the Harris ADC playout automation system. Metadata for the completed item is then imported back into the Invenio system.

“In tests IPV’s Curator system has proved ideal for our fast-paced sports environment, as it allows users to log, access and review low-resolution material, in real-time, right at the desktop, and edit highlights packages quickly and easily,” said a spokesperson at Infront Italy. “The Curator’s ability to attach metadata to the clips as they are being logged allows our operators to easily search and retrieve material at their desktop — ensuring faster throughput across the entire production workflow.”