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Inter BEE incoming

After IBC, one of the next major events on the global broadcast industry calender is Inter BEE held in Tokyo from 18 - 20 November, and this year celebrating its 45th year.

After IBC, one of the next major events on the global broadcast industry calender is Inter BEE held in Tokyo from 18 – 20 November, and this year celebrating its 45th year.

Japan’s broadcasting and electronics industries have led the way in creating cutting-edge broadcast technologies, as well as providing a diversity of high-quality contents. Inter BEE, which has been held 45 times since its beginning in 1965, has achieved remarkable success, together with America’s NAB and Europe’s IBC, in its role as a promoter of broadcasting technology. As the digital age continues to expand, HDTV which was developed and promoted in Japan has now become a mission-critical broadcast media responsible for setting remarkable worldwide trends.

Reaching record high figures for domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors, last year’s Inter BEE 2008 was a resounding success. With hopes for recovery increasing following the bottoming out of the world economic recession, Inter BEE 2009 hopes to help further promote a new digital age by once again staging an exhibition that showcases the latest technology.

In the midst of rapidly transforming worldwide technology trends, Japan now has less than two years before TV broadcasts are completely converted to terrestrial digital broadcasting so the government, broadcasting industry, electronic equipment manufacturers, TV production companies and other bodies are collectively working towards the “changes” and “possibilities” this will bring.

Boosted by its 45th anniversary, Inter BEE will, in addition to traditional broadcasting, display a comprehensive selection of exhibits that provide an overview of a wide range of technological fields such as communications, IT, audio and lighting. HDTV-centred leading-edge broadcasts, videos, audio equipment; new workflow that utilises IT and communications; and solutions and applications that respond to various changes will all be proudly displayed under one roof, enabling participants to experience broadcasting developments and changes.

The always closely-followed Inter BEE Forum this year changes its name to Inter BEE Content Forum to accommodate the “Expectations for Contents Creation from a User Viewpoint” theme. At this Forum, we are happy to welcome as an instructor a leading authority both here and abroad in the fields of film and music, who will talk about leading industry conditions and trends. We will also hold a Visual Symposium and Audio Symposium to enable discussions. This promises to be a golden opportunity to mix with a wide variety of people from around the world.

The Tutorial Session, which we held for the first time last year, will be conducted once again. Targeting young people in the industry and students interested in these areas, instructors actively working in the video and audio domains will help to nurture competent technicians in the workplace by imparting knowledge about equipment and system use, and content creation techniques. The objective here is to contribute to future industry development through the fostering of human resources.

The Technical Report Conference on Commercial Broadcasting is an annual event that has been in place since the inauguration of Inter BEE. Front-line experts in the field of commercial TV discuss the constantly changing state of and problems facing commercial TV. This remains the only platform for stations to make general presentations relating to various new technologies they have developed. This provides a valuable opportunity to learn about the course and direction of future broadcasting.

This year, we will create an IPTV, Mobile TV, Crossmedia Zone where we can gather under one roof the latest IPTV services, and create a place to check-up on post-digitization mobile TV business. In addition to this, adopting a theme of digital signage, digital cinema and 3D images, we will put on a pavilion exhibition. Here you can experience the possibilities and technological advancements of new media with an increasingly expanding market. Also, at the IPV Summit, which we are staging for the third time, we will be holding an open seminar free of charge within the Zone. This seminar will introduce the latest technology and trends of the rapidly and globally expanding IPTV.

Additionally, in conjunction with this year’s Inter BEE, we will be conducting a wide variety of fee-charging events. Focusing on Communications and Broadcasting Revolution / New Information and Telecommunications Law: The Position of the ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Debate, and its Implications for the Industry, the NAB Tokyo Session will host lectures by influential figures from the government, broadcasting industry, and related industries. A panel discussion will also take place.