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Imagine unveils Xenio and Selenio

Imagine Communications has announced the launch of two new products: Xenio SelenioFlex.

Imagine Communications has announced the launch of two new products: the Xenio workflow manager and the software-based SelenioFlex. Xenio aims to enable broadcasters and service providers to design, deploy and manage extensible, customisable software-defined workflows, while Selenio, a software-based transcoding and encoding solution is designed for live and file-based media processing.

“Xenio is a significant component of our software-defined workflow roadmap, providing a framework that will serve as the underlying architecture for expanding Imagine Communications’ enterprise business software, playout automation and networking portfolio, while providing key workflow building blocks,” said Charlie Vogt, CEO of Imagine Communications. “Our software-defined approach allows media broadcast and service providers to change the workflow sequence, tasks, and timing on the fly with ease.”

The modular Xenio architecture provides technologies as service-enabling components – from media functions like encoding and packaging to business-oriented functionality such as analytics and automated intelligence – enabling the incorporation of custom-developed functionality and fast integration of new technologies.

SelenioFlex enables automated, high-quality media processing at any point in the content value chain from production to distribution for applications, including: file-to-file transcoding; live/linear multiscreen encoding; and live-to-file ingest encoding.

“SelenioFlex is a strategic addition to our media processing and compression portfolio, building on our software-defined workflow framework to enable faster response to market trends and providing the operational efficiency, agility and insight to capitalise on the rapid growth of multiscreen media consumption,” added Vogt.