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Ikegami introduces 4K camera for aerial video capture

Camera's image adjustment capabilities include haze removal, backlight correction and digital zoom

Ikegami has introduced the UHL-F4000, a new compact multi-role 4K HDR camera, designed for use in applications such as aerial video capture and studio robotics.

The camera’s image adjustment capabilities include haze removal, backlight correction and digital zoom. It is able to deliver HD cutout images as well as 2160p 59.94 or 50 Hz 4K.

Further refinements include variable contrast control, able to handle situations of reduced visibility such fog or smoke. An image sharpening function is incorporated and a vertical image reversal mode allows the camera to be mounted upside down. The operator can adjust the camera in real time for optimum noise reduction when shooting at night with high gain.

The Ikegami UHL-F4000 camera head can be mounted on a motor-driven pan/tilt head for robotic operation in a studio. In this configuration, the genlock or remote control cable can be connected to the base station so that the cable does not obstruct camera movement.

“Aerial photographers working from helicopters are increasingly keen to use 4K cameras,” said Michael Lätzsch, broadcast and professional video division manager at Ikegami Electronics (Europe) GmbH.

“4K cameras tend to be larger and heavier than HD models so require a larger anti-vibration gimbal. In addition, the higher power consumption of 4K cameras causes the internal temperature to rise if a 4K camera is placed in a sealed stabilising unit. This shortens the camera’s lifetime and can even lead to sudden failure. The UHL-F4000 overcomes all these challenges. It is a robust and compact camera head with low power consumption delivering very high image quality.”