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HTC launches its first turnkey virtual production product

Solution leverages lighthouse tracking technology, VIVE Mars CamTrack lets actors "jump into" any number of virtual backdrops in real-time during production

HTC Vive is launching a new virtual production solution which consolidates the entire camera tracking workflow into a compact, plug-and-play module with professional-grade features.

By leveraging lighthouse tracking technology, VIVE Mars CamTrack lets actors “jump into” any number of virtual backdrops in real-time during production, in many cases eliminating the need to shoot onsite and empowering filmmakers to unleash their full creative potential, said the company.

The solution’s features include:

  • Multi-cam tracking, with support for up to three cameras
  • Highly accurate tracking with VIVE Tracker
  • Automated calibration for camera offset and lens distortion
  • Lens encoder compatibility, allowing filmmakers to change the depth of field as they would on a traditional camera
  • Plug and play compatibility, with no additional software required
  • One-click origin reset
  • Genlock synced to UE LiveLink, offering synchronised output between real and virtual actors
  • Robust wiring to reduce latency

“Virtual production is the future of content creation,” said Raymond Pao, SVP Business Solutions at HTC VIVE. “It lets filmmakers unleash their imagination, beyond the constraints of our physical environment. With Mars, HTC has applied its years of experience developing VR tech to the world of virtual production. Film professionals no longer need to balance time, cost, and quality. Now, their virtual production setup can fit into a backpack and deliver professional- grade results.”

“Virtual production opens creative opportunities to filmmakers and storytellers to explore new approaches in productions with solutions like VIVE Mars CamTrack,” added Jim Geduldick, director, Virtual Production & SVP Dimension Studio. “Time saved in pre-production and on-set because of the robustness of the Mars system will make it a sought-after tool in any virtual production project. Being able to have a small footprint tracking system that can travel in a small production case with features like Genlock sync, camera and lens calibration, multi- camera support and its integration into Unreal Engine via LiveLink provides a solution the virtual production community has been needing.”