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Medialooks announces MFormats

Medialooks has announced the first beta release of MFormats SDK, the company's new video API for Windows developers.

Medialooks has announced the first beta release of MFormats SDK, the company’s new video API for Windows developers.

MFormats SDK is a software development kit for high-level software developers working in C#, VB.NET and Delphi. The key benefits for the customer are: the support for multiple containers and compression formats, direct low-latency integration with leading hardware vendors, and full control over the application.

MFormats SDK will eventually become a lower-level backbone for MPlatform – a broadcast automation SDK that powers some of the industry’s leading broadcast solutions. Medialooks’ products are designed to save costs and development time for some of the popular use cases in the following areas: visual studios, playout automation systems, live production switchers and 24/7 ingest solutions. MPlatfrom SDK was designed for the needs of the broadcast industry.

In MFormats nothing happens unless instructed by the user: the process that controls the data flow is in the user’s code. Using standard loops and expressions of higher-level programming languages (C#, Delphi, VB.NET), the developer builds their own data flow and maintains full control over it.

The data itself (i.e. video frames) also flows through the user’s code – the developer knows exactly how many frames their code has processed and has access to the frames themselves.

MFormats SDK consists of several objects with interfaces:

MFReader – to read files and network streams;
MFLive – to read from devices;
MFRenderer – to render video to external devices and to the screen;
MFWriter – to write files;
MFFrame – to work with video frames.