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Harmonic showcases low latency for live streaming

Harmonic is showcasing its new reduced latency and expanded bandwidth capabilities at NAB.

The company will be demonstrating its new real-time streaming workflow that matches the latency of live broadcasts.

Harmonic’s low-latency streaming workflow is made possible by a combination of packaging content in the new Common Media Application Format (CMAF) and HTTP chunked transfer encoding. An emerging media standard for OTT delivery, CMAF reduces the need to package content separately for HLS and MPEG-DASH devices. Harmonic says the use of the new format in its multiscreen packaging and origin solutions “not only improves the OTT viewing experience by reducing latency in live streaming, it also simplifies OTT distribution workflows.”

Harmonic will also showcase a new solution for improved video quality delivered over zero-rated mobile and xDSL networks, based on the company’s latest EyeQ™ technology advancements and new packaging technology expressly designed for constrained networks. The new solution will enable operators to deliver improved HD video quality to set-top boxes connected to low-bandwidth DSL lines, as well as to mobile devices connected to 3G/4G networks without exceeding the 1.5 Mbps bandwidth limitation of zero-rated mobile connections.

Other announcements by Harmonic at NAB include plans to bring the playout capabilities of its Spectrum media server to the VOS Cloud media processing platform and VOS 360 cloud media processing software as a service (SaaS) solution. The new functionality in both VOS offerings includes support for graphics, branding, and digital video effects (DVE) for both file-based and live workflows.