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Framestore lights the FUSE for VFX workflows with real-time technology

Company's CCO Tim Webber to direct short film to test pipeline and demonstrate its potential

Framestore is to produce a new film using a new visual effects pipeline built entirely around Unreal Engine.

The new pipeline has been dubbed FUSE (Framestore Unreal Shot Engine) and is conceived as a VFX workflow that could allow large numbers of artists to work simultaneously within the real-time engine, incorporating previsualisation, virtual production, asset management and review and approvals, in addition to VFX shot production and the ability to work remotely.

To test the pipeline and demonstrate its potential, Framestore’s chief creative officer Tim Webber is making his directorial debut with a short film.

The notion of taking a project from the earliest stages of design, previs, scouting and virtual camera through to completion is one that I’ve thought was important for years now,” said Webber. “And this project is one in which we intend to re-design the whole creative process of filmmaking from script to final delivery, as we take advantage of the interactivity and flexibility of real-time in Unreal. It’s an exciting project for the team here at Framestore, and we believe the end results will be exciting for the film industry as a whole.”

Theo Jones, VFX Supervisor and the project lead added, “FUSE will bring into focus how real-time technology can be rolled out further into a pipeline that will create a much more efficient way of working, not just for us, but the whole industry. This is an endeavour that’s all about being able to scale across the entire business, not just niche divisions or use cases.”