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Eyeheight serves up the action at Wimbledon

An Eyeheight DK-2 multi-rate linear downstream keyer was deployed for the 2014 Wimbledon Championships

An Eyeheight DK-2 multi-rate linear downstream keyer was chosen to deliver the 2014 Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships to television viewers around the world. It was deployed to add contestant identifier overlays which were faded in and out over the live action using a Eyeheight VP-10 video T-bar module.

Compatible with all commonly used 625/525-line standard-definition, 720p intermediate-definition and 1080i high definition formats, the Eyeheight DK-2 incorporates background, fill and key inputs, wipe, matte and garbage-matte generation, independent main and preview keyers plus EDH reinsertion for the main output. Features include 10-bit linear keying, manual or automatic transitions, a user-selectable choice of additive, multiplicative and self-key modes, and AES digital audio voiceover.

“The DK-2 performed successfully at the 2013 Wimbledon tournament and has was chosen again for broadcast coverage of this year’s event,” said Eyeheight sales director Martin Moore. “Nearly 10 million viewers saw Novak Djokovic’s win in the men’s final. Up to six DK-2 keyer channels can be accommodated in a single FB-9E chassis occupying just 1U of rack space which makes it a powerful option wherever space is at a premium.”

The DK-2 is equipped with inputs for slave fill sync, slave key sync and master input line sync plus independent programme and preview outputs. An RJ45 port allows connection of three GPI channels and tally as well as RS232-based on-board protocol control. It can be fully operated via Ethernet from anywhere in the world.