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Euronews partners with Dalet for strategic transformation

News provider replaced its legacy broadcast infrastructure with the Dalet Unified News Operations solution

Euronews has completed a strategic transformation which it says puts the audience “at the heart of its operation”.

The news channel has decided to “re-orientate” its approach to news reporting by generating adapted content with enhanced graphics across TV, social media and the web in 12 different languages for audiences in 165 countries.

The broadcaster partnered with Dalet to replace its legacy broadcast infrastructure with the Dalet Unified News Operations solution, transitioning from a single multi-language channel to 12 separate cross-platform channels, tailored to local audiences. 

The 500 users across Euronews’ four major offices in Athens, Brussels, Budapest and Lyon are now connected and collaborating on a single environment, using the Dalet Galaxy platform for production, orchestration and delivery of their stories.

The new platform allows Euronews to store all of its assets in a single, unified environment, which Dalet says enables “a smooth automated flow of content from ingest to output.”

“Customisation is at the heart of this transformation. Euronews will adapt its output to the needs of the consumers it serves, empowering the uniqueness of our multiculturalism,” said Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews. 

“Thanks to the substantial investment in Euronews core capabilities and operations, we are creating a robust, agile and innovative organisation to become the first global news brand by reinventing our approach to broadcast journalism from production to distribution.”

“Euronews has made amazing strides in achieving the goals outlined by its management team,” says Arnaud Elnecave, vice president of marketing, Dalet. “The Dalet Unified News Operations solution is a perfect fit for the broadcaster’s vision and commitment to innovation.”