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Ericsson launches intelligence toolkit Integrated Video Insights

Ericsson has launched Integrated Video Insights, a business intelligence toolkit for TV and media players

Ericsson has launched Integrated Video Insights, a business intelligence toolkit for TV and media players.

It enables the media industry to aggregate, analyse and act upon large amounts of data, with the aim of transforming customer ecosystems, technology platforms, business processes and networks.

The toolkit is designed to help media players identify the investments required to increase average revenue per user, and ensure their content is consumed under optimal conditions.

“Video service providers today are trying to delight their consumers, understanding what they want, as they value it,” said Guy Beverlin, SVP and head of global tv and media practice global services at Ericsson. “The platforms that these providers use create massive amounts of data. That data has to be turned into insights that the creator can use to provide a more seamless and personal experience, optimised for the specific viewer.”

It can be delivered as a standalone solution or as an expansion module for the Ericsson Expert Analytics suite. The suite incorporates the TV and media, network and other domain knowledge that turns data into actionable insights for concrete use cases and drives actions to impact the operator’s bottom line.

“As media consumption changes and new players enter the market, it is becoming increasingly critical for media players to have a complete 360-degree overview of their business,” said Jean-Philippe Poirault, head of consulting and systems integration at Ericsson.

“They need to understand and improve everything from the quality of their service to their customers’ content preferences and quality of experience.

“With Integrated Video Insights, they can anticipate future operational needs, respond quickly to real-time issues, implement advanced, proactive customer care flows, and ultimately make better business decisions.”